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Spare parts store

We handle any request concerning English motorcycles, and in doing so we can draw on a spare parts stock that includes approximately 50,000 items.Our stock is structured according to the spare parts numbers that can be found in the original catalogs.


In addition to the original parts, we can offer improved or alternative parts (e.g. electronic rectifiers, 12V kits and electronic ignition systems). But even those who do not drive an Englishman will find common wear parts, e.g. for BMW, Guzzi, MZ and Japanese.


In addition, we always have 5-10 motorbikes in stock in various stages of restoration and price ranges. So if you are not yet in possession of a British bike, but are thinking of acquiring one, this is also the right place for you.

Master garage

In our master garage, we carry out all work that can occur on a motorbike; from a simple inspection to a complete restoration of a motorbike. This includes paint jobs, plastic coatings, chopper building, cylinder drilling and honing, thread repairs, sandblasting, engine and gearbox overhauls, etc.


We regularly carry out MOT inspections in our workshop. All the necessary papers and documents can be obtained for this on request.


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Do you have any further questions? Then feel free to write to us via the contact form or give us a call.

+49 5182 51831

How does an order work?

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eel free to look for the right product on our website and make a note of the product number.

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In our order form you can request the suitable product with the product number.

Purchase and delivery

We will contact you as soon as possible, process the purchase and ship the goods to you.

Herbert Gubba


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With over 45 years of experience, we repair and restore masterfully in the truest sense of the word, offer fair conditions for buying and selling and provide you with spiritual nourishment and feast for the eyes.

Has all this aroused your interest? Then just come and see us in person or visit us at one of the classic car markets where we are represented. We are always available for further information.

Have a safe journey,

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